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The “Arquitectura Vertida” (Poured Architecture) construction procedure uses one concrete precast element to build up the vertical structure and the façade of a building totally completed towards the inside and the outside, and there is no need to paint it or further maintain it.

The element used is a hollow panel where the two sides are linked to each other. Once it is placed in its position, concrete is poured in the interior, thus reinforcing the structure.

The panel is carried from the factory to the site with insulation, the installation steps and all the carpentry included.

This system was invented and patented by architect Miguel Fisac with the aim of rationalising the construction processes; most of the work is done in specialised factories with a high quality and safety level.

Currently, Arquitectura Vertida S.L. is responsible for its management and development.

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The “Arquitectura Vertida” construction procedure is based on the use of hollow concrete precast panels, with insulation, installation steps and carpentry included from the factory, that, once in place on the site and once the concrete is poured in the interior, the whole vertical structure and the façade of the building are totally completed both the outer and inner parts, without the need to paint or to have a further maintenance.

The system was invented in 1997 by architect Miguel Fisac and ever since it has been implemented and enhanced in multiple world class projects and works. In 2006, Posteléctrica Fabricación S.A. joins the team and since then they develop and manufacture the AV panels.

This procedure makes the construction of houses something fast and easy to do on the spot.

The construction does not produce waste, being the impact on the site very low, which means that it is a great sustainable and clean system.

The quality assurance procedure is high as elements are manufactured by qualified workers with state-to-the-art technology.

The finished quality of the AV panel is achieved thanks to a polyurethane layer put as a flexible framework and thanks to the joining solutions of the horizontal and vertical structure, which make the finished building to have optimal preservation without maintenance requirements.

The building rises as its own structural façade closes the entire perimeter. The façade is built without scaffolding, and it is self-supportive, which increases occupational safety and reduces accidents in the workplace.

Considering the scarce participation of labour force, mass production, the pace and easy to install way in which these quality panels can be set up including insulation from the beginning, the carpentry and the in-built pipes of the facilities, as well as its finishing without painting or retouching, Arquitectura Vertida is the most cost effective procedure compared to the housing construction traditional systems.

The “Arquitectura Vertida” procedure has all the advantages of prefabricated construction without falling into the monotonous repetition of formal solutions, as, given that no moulds are needed for the manufacturing of panels, these can adapt to different social, cultural, and structural demands, making each project unique.